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twenty-five apart

twenty-five apart is a website design and development company whose co-founders bring a powerful blend of business acumen and strategic creativity, and happen to have been born 25 years apart.

we are known for our unyielding standards, and we are passionate about empowering our clients and creating dynamic websites that have a measurable impact on our clients’ bottom lines.

our team

  • stephanie roland
    stephanie roland Co-Founder

    Stephanie Roland completed her undergraduate studies at American University in Washington, DC as a psychology major and completed her life coaching certification at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.   As a student, Stephanie was a highly driven Dean’s list student, took more classes per semester than any of her peers, completed multiple internships, volunteered, and worked as a nanny.

    Stephanie is a true millennial, and it shows in her abilities to multi-task, collaborate, build relationships, go after what she wants, go the extra mile, and creatively utilize technology.

    Long before twenty five apart, Steph was building sites for friends’ businesses and quickly developed a reputation for creating designs that were edgy, unique, and intuitive, while at the same time driving powerful conversion.

    After college, Steph worked for several start-ups, and witnessed, first hand, the frustration that can occur during the process of working with web site developers. Between pricing, development snafus, miscommunications, and technology errors, Stephanie knew there was a better way and co-founded twenty five apart to deliver the most dynamic web designs on the net at prices that weren’t insulting or prohibitive.

    Twenty five apart not only marries two of Stephanie’s passions: creativity and technology, but also allows her to be honorable when it comes to respecting clients’ budgets. Her position also allows her to leverage her uncanny ability to assimilate information and create impactful and creative designs.

  • mark schlossberg
    mark schlossberg Co-Founder

    Mark Schlossberg, MSW is a professional writer, coach, mentor, published author, and public speaker. Mark has worked with clients for 20 years, empowering them to craft powerful and impactful messages on and off the web.

    Mark received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from The George Washington University in  DC. He stayed in the city for graduate school at The Catholic University of America, where he received his Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work, with a focus on child and adolescent development.

    It was during his time in graduate school that Mark fell in love with the art and science of writing, and he was strongly encouraged by his professors to submit his thesis for publication. It was also during his graduate school education that Mark began editing the work of his peers.

    Over the years, Mark was fortunate to be exposed to and work with exceptional technical and creative writers and copywriters and he learned that very subtle semantic nuances can dramatically increase a readers ability to connect with and react to words on a page.

    Many of Mark’s greatest professional lessons were learned as founder and CEO of two million dollar companies in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Over nearly two decades Mark honed his communication, client relations, marketing and sales skills. Mark would tell you that his classroom and book-based education was wonderful, but true mastery in writing, as in business, is forged in real world experience.

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