Are you Making These Common Mistakes on Your Website

Researchers have studied UX, or user experience, for years, to determine what draws us to certain web pages, and what makes us leave instantly.

Here are 8 mistakes that you may be making on your website:

1. Is it obvious what your pages are about? If a surfer can’t identify what a page on your site is about in 2-3 seconds they will leave.

2. Is your content scannable? No one comes to your site to read a book.

3. Do you have “autoplay” on your videos or music? This is a mistake; users want control and you should give it to them.

4. Is your navigation simple and user friendly? If users can’t find the page they are looking for they are gone.

5. Are your links visible and is it obvious what each link is linking to?

6. Is your content accessible? Use clear fonts, obvious pictures, and have a purpose for every button.

7. Are you using pop-ups? There’s a reason pop-up blockers are as common as antivirus software…

8. Are you wasting your users’ time? No one wants to sit through your 15-second “intro” to your site.

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